Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

5 Social Media Tools used by Business Professionals:

Today most businesses and business professionals are expanding by using social media tools in right ways to promote themselves, their company and their businesses.

Here are 5 ways to use social media in right ways:

1. LinkedIn: is one of the most effective Social Media tool used by business professionals. It is used as a self-promoting tool by creating a profile like resume and connecting with companies, employers and with people you thought you would never get the chance to connect with. Once you have many connections, more people will check your profile and you might get a job promotion if you impress anyone. Therefore many people use LinkedIn to find job or look for a potential job candidate.

2. Slideshare: is best for sharing presentations (self-presentations, reports, or any other presentations) which can be accessed by anyone anywhere if it is set as public. Businesses can create a presentation about their business and share it in

3. Brand Name: is very important. A brand name is a trademark which will be remembered by all the consumers. Just like almost everyone is aware of McDonald, KFC, Coca Cola and other brand name companies, they should be aware of your company or your own brand name representing you. You can do this by keeping your trademark on everything you do. If you’re promoting yourself then you can include your brand name in your resumes, personal branding videos, blogs, etc. You should basically get your trade out in the social media world so everyone is aware of it because let’s be honest social media is the fastest communication tool out there.

4. Twitter: can be used in many ways to get your business going. You can use it to brand your business, connect with customers, marketing & feedbacks from customers. Once your customers start following you, they will also give you feedback and get people to be aware of your brand by using hash tags and recommending friends to your company. Also, you will be marketing your products and your business on Twitter by posting about new products or updating everyone on your latest updates. Today many companies and businesses use twitter and it works great!

5. Engaging with followers: either on Facebook, Twitter or any other type of viral social media, you need to engage your followers to keep them. You could do this in a fun way to keep them entertained also updated. You could give them some promotions or discounts via the social media you’re using, this will keep your followers engaged and involved in your business. Therefore, it is very important to interact with your followers because that is why they’re following you, to be updated and feel involved.

By using all these 5 social media tools your business will be successful in no time. You can even use it to promote yourself for a job or career your pursuing. Just make sure to use them in the right ways!

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